Imagine knowing everything that is happening around you at all times, what a super power that would be! Now with advancements in Technology you’re now gifting with that power! This is through the world’s most advanced Event finding and Event creating app, called Eventshubb, and it’s FREE!!
Find events that you’re interested in at any radius and location of your choice! It is as easy as putting on your favorite pair of shoes!
Just select the type of events would like to watch or attend, select your current location or another location, then choose the radius of the Event search. Instantly all the events you are interested in appear right before your eyes!
The super power of knowing everything happening around you at all times is yours! Never be not in the know or bored with nothing to do! Thanks Eventshubb!!

**Ever want to tell everyone about a event? Well, Eventshubb can help you with that. Unlike other advertising platforms that prevent interested people from finding your event today, taking months to qualify your event to be seen. Eventshubb allows interested people to see you today!

+Create a easy to set up account (takes 5 minutes ) and post your events. It’s great for house parties/ professionals, Emerging acts like Comedians, performers or city events of any type. How you use the app is up to you, be noticed today put yourself or you’re business on the map!

*You can also sell and buy your event tickets through Eventshubb!!

Who can benefit from Eventshubb?

Everyday people
Restaurants /Bars
Nigh Clubs
Community organizers
Sports teams
The list goes on…..

*How can Eventshubb make my life better?

Find Events based on:
1.What you like
2.Where you’re going to be
3.The time you’ll be there.

*This app is smart, so once it sees what you like it will continue to show you events that may be of interest to you.

*Explore your neighborhood or any other like never before and connect with your community unlike any other time in history. Wow!

*Share events you like or will be attending with friends and enhance your social life!

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